July 12-14, 2022

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47 of The World’s Top Industry Experts Share Their List of

The Best Investments For The Digital Currency Bull Run of 2022

Experts predict established tokens will keep hitting new "all-time" highs in 2022... and... dozens of select altcoins will surge 1,000%... 10,000%... and potentially even more.

Discover which opportunities are set to “pop” in 2022 from 47 of the top industry experts in the world.

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It reveals the step-by-step system we use to evaluate potential crypto opportunities. 

You see, cryptocurrencies are unlike any other investment on the planet. They’re not like stocks, bonds, real estate or anything else for that matter. 

So you can’t use regular methods of determining value. Without a proven system, you could miss out on huge opportunities or… even worse… lose money on bad crypto investments. Even with a solid system this can happen. But you’re better off having one than not. 

In this guide (which you can download in the next few minutes), you get the process and checklist we’ve refined over the years to make smart crypto investments.

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The CAN'T MISS Digital Currency Event (That You Can Watch From Your Couch!)

Dear Friend,
Top experts believe many coins will hit new highs in 2022.
The only question is… which ones?
We've gathered 47 of THE TOP industry experts on the planet to reveal their top picks. They will share why 2022 is the year for digital currency. And explain how things are lining up for investors who are prepared. Then, they will discuss their top picks for projects in 2022. These are the coins projected to rise in value based on researched analysis of the market. 

In addition, step-by-step strategies will be explained by some of the most successful digital currency investors and traders in the world.
The key to getting an edge in the current bull run is to attend the Digital Currency Summit.

Just a Few of the GROUNDBREAKING Crypto Secrets You'll  Walk Away With:

Discover the Most Undervalued Digital Currencies

Every year dozens of coins grow 1,000%+ or more. 

Get the “top picks” from our experts for your portfolio.

Ride the Tidal Wave of Institutional Adoption

Wall Street has officially "greenlit" digital currencies as a top investment. 
Billions of dollars in "smart money" is now flooding the market. 
You can catch this wave but only if you act fast.

Hedge Fund Secrets to Buy and Sell At the Right Time

Discover the elite secrets of Hedge Fund Managers who generate hundreds of millions in profits every year.
You can't learn these secrets anywhere else.

The Best Digital Currency Opportunities in 2022

Learn how to pick the right projects and invest smart even with a tiny investment. 
See which projects experts believe have a realistic shot at increasing in value this year. All from the comfort of your couch.

These secrets are just a TINY TASTE of what you'll discover at this online summit! 

Everything You Need to Find Solid Opportunities in the 2022 Bull Run

A laser-focus on this year’s best digital currency investing strategies. 

From DeFi to Interoperability, there are plenty of buzz words floating around in 2022. 

But what do they mean, and more importantly, what strategies can be used to tap into these massive trends? We'll break down the trends, the strategies and how even a total tech beginner can find great investment opportunities throughout 2022.

You'll discover:
  • Which projects in these trending markets are legitimate (and which are nothing but hype)...
  • How exciting and promising new projects could rise by up to 50x...
  • Exactly which projects 47 top digital currency experts are putting their investment money in for 2022...
  • ​The most undervalued coins (that require a very small investment) most people don’t know about…
  • ​And much more...
This summit is focused 100% on delivering valuable content about the current bull run.

To do, so we've enlisted the help of 47 of the top cryptocurrency experts in the world. Our speakers range from CEOs of red-hot cryptocurrency projects, to elite developers working on the latest in Blockchain, to Hedge Fund managers (the most successful cryptocurrency traders in the world).

You'll discover:
  • How to keep digital currency safe from hacks and scams in 2022...
  • ​How to limit risk to just less than 5% on any given trade...
  • How to earn passive income in this market without buying any digital coins...
  • The latest tools, apps, wallets, and hardware to stay on the cutting-edge of digital currency investing...
  • Never before revealed trading strategies few will ever know about...
A new trend is starting among Fortune 500 companies: 

Dump hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars from company treasuries into digital currencies.

We saw it first with Microstrategy, who has invested billions of dollars so far. We saw it with Elon Musk pouring $1.5 billion of Tesla’s corporate cash into digital currencies too. And we’re seeing it with many others.

Why are these companies doing this, and more importantly, what does it mean for regular investors? 

This trend is just beginning, which means there is still time to get in as it develops.

However, it also means the window of opportunity is passing by each day. This summit may be the best way to learn about the opportunities available for the remainder of the 2022 Bull run.

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Attend Digital Currency Summit:

Experts Evaluate Digital Currency Opportunities

Listen from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else) while 47 of the top digital currency experts tell you which coins they like and why. 

Your Financial Legacy

More USD has been "printed" in 2020 than the total USD money supply that existed in 2010. With digital currencies quickly overtaking gold as the top safe-haven asset, there's never been a better time to add digital currency to a well-diversified investment portfolio.

Join the Leading Edge

After attending the Digital Currency Summit, you'll know more about the present state of the digital currency market than 99% of the population.

Help Your Friends and Family

Your friends and family need to know about 2022. This opportunity is big enough for everyone who knows about it. Be the reason your loved ones are prepared.

Here's A Selection Of Our Speakers

Alex Davis


Alexander Filatov

TON Labs

Christina Martin


Colin Miles 


Evan Kuo 


Ganesh Swami


Gregory Landua

Regen Network

Hart Lambur 


Herve Larren 

Global Crypto Ventures

Hossein Azari


Isaac Rodgin


Isla Perfito


Jack McDonald


James Altucher

James Altucher Show

Justin Banon

Boson Protocol

Michael Sena 

3Box Labs

Nick Emmons


Nick Katsafanas

Tower 18

Rob Ebers


Rob Forster


Robbie Heeger 


Adi Sideman


Annabelle Huang

Amber Group

Brian Gallagher


Dave Jevans


Do Kwon


Evan Shapiro


Garrick Hileman


Henri Pihkala


Humayun Shiekh


John Peurifoy

Kevin Murcko


Lil Bubble

Michael Anderson

Framework Ventures

Paul Puey


Reimo Hammerberg


Richard Yan

Vite Labs

Rob Viglione


Sinjin David Jung

International Blockchain Monetary Reserve

Steve Ehrlich

Invest Voyager

Yuriy Sorokin

3 Commas

And many more great speakers to be announced...

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